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What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Should Buy for Their Baby Nursery

Smart bassinets exist.

Listen, I'm no baby expert, but something (read: the eco-friendly vegan paint) tells me first-time parents Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going all out to make sure their bb has everything it needs to thrive in this beautiful, royal-obsessed world we live in. The Duke and Duchess are about to move out of Kensington Palace into the newly-renovated $3 million Frogmore Cottage (yoga studio included), which means they've already started making a list of everything they're going to need for their baby's nursery come late April/early May. Meg, Harry if you're reading this—allow me to suggest a few additional items, below.

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1 A Bluetooth Night Light
Hatch Baby Amazon

Prince Harry is known to "geek out over his tech," so naturally he'll love this two-for-one Bluetooth-equipped night light and sound machine. Meg and Harry can customize the colors and sounds straight from their phones to help the baby fall asleep. Once the little tyke becomes a toddler, they can use the light to set bedtime schedules after a casual day with Great Granny at the Palace. 

2 Princess Charlotte's Toy Dog
Jellycat Amazon

Remember that adorable stuffed animal Princess Charlotte played with in 2015? Yep, this is it, which should be properly referred to as a "fuddewuddle." (I don't make the rules.) How cute would it be if the royal cousins played with the same pup? 

3 A Smart Bassinet
Happiest Baby Walmart

This SNOO smart bassinet has rave reviews, and for good reason. It automatically rocks the baby back and forth while playing white noise in the background to make sure parents get those much-needed extra couple hours of sleep. If the baby starts crying, the bassinet speeds up on its own (!), and the company claims it can calm a baby down in under a minute. If that's not magic, I don't know what is. 

4 A Fancy Crib
West Elm

Meghan and Harry have chosen to decorate their nursery in a gender-neutral color scheme after deciding not to find out the sex of their baby. Once the child outgrows the smart bassinet above, we recommend this pastel, convertible West Elm crib. Megs will love it because the wood is sustainably-sourced and Harry will approve because it's child-safe. 

5 A Modern Planter-Slash-Speaker
Urban Outfitters

The royals are using eco-friendly paint in their nursery, so they might as well continue the environmental theme and purchase this chic planter that's also bluetooth speaker. Perhaps Harry could jam out to some Spice Girls while changing diapers? 

6 A Royal Baby Blanket

Though the Duke and Duchess probably want to start their own traditions, they won't regret borrowing this knitted baby shawl Kate Middleton wrapped Prince Louis in at the hospital for their own little one. 

7 A High-Tech Baby Monitor System
Nanit Amazon
$209.99 (16% off)

Harry and Meg will be keeping their nursery very modern with "top-of-the-line cameras," according to royal reporter Katie Nicholl. This highly-rated, WiFi-enabled baby monitor and wall mount with its bird's eye view of the baby that can be viewed directly from an iPhone seems like an excellent choice. Its special encryption system means it safe from hackers, and it tracks temperature and humidity to make sure the baby sleeps as comfortably as possible. 

8 A Cute Memory Journal

It's safe to say Meghan and Harry will want to document the special, private moments with their newborn, and they can do so with this cute "Hello, Little One!" notebook. Meghan's mom, Doria Ragland, who plans to help take care of the baby can add her own observations and memories. 

9 A Fun Giraffe Print
Daisy & Bump Blue Almonds

Prince Harry has been on many trips to Africa throughout his lifetime, so he'll appreciate this cute giraffe print to hang on the newborn's wall. His sister-in-law Kate has been spotted with her mother, Carole Middleton, buying a baby basket for Prince George at the same London store where it's offered, so consider it royal-approved.

10 A Bedtime Story
$9.91 (42% off)

A nursery wouldn't be complete without a special book to read before bedtime. Meghan can share the stories from the Together cookbook she launched as her first charity initiative last year and save it as a present when the baby gets older.


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