You Can Buy a Tiny Home on Amazon and Build It Yourself In Your Backyard

Turn it into a guest house, an arcade, a studio—whatever your heart desires.

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Tiny houses are hotter than ever, and it's no wonder—there seem to be an infinite number of ways to design them. And there's never been an easier way to start building yours. So we gathered 40 of the most amazing prefab tiny houses on Amazon for you to peruse. One note—just know that each manufacturer is different. Some house kits are packaged with most of the materials you’ll need (windows, doors, etc.), while others provide just the main frame components as a sort of starter kit, so you can build out your house to your preferences.

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1 Cliff Home

This modular mobile container house has the coolest design ever, and even has room for a sauna near the entrance. It's basically everything I've ever wanted in a home.

2 Eagle Point

This "tiny home" isn't so tiny—it covers 1,108 square feet and even has two floors. I honestly can't believe that it's being sold on Amazon.

3 Laminated Log House Kit

This eco-friendly log house kit isn't just spacious—it has definite curb appeal. Just FYI: This kit does not include windows or doors.

4 Expandable Container House

Easy to assemble? Check. Cute? Check. Solar powered? Double check.

5 Laminated Log House

This log house is two stories tall and has four bedrooms  and three bathrooms—keep in mind that this home doesn't come included with doors, windows, electric, or plumbing.

6 #TF-033 House

This DIY house is much more modern than it is tiny—it even has two bedrooms.

7 Solvalla Guesthouse

This viral she shed is super customizable—you can turn it into anything you want, whether it's a studio, a guest house, or even just a backyard chill spot.

8 Timberline

Buckle up—this 483-square-foot cabin kit comes with free shipping!

9 Cozumel Park Model RV
Titan Factory Direct

This tiny model comes with a stunning front porch that'll bring you the ultimate chill sesh.

10 Bella House

This little home comes with a lofted bedroom area for extra space.

11 Timber Frame Kit

Can you believe this futuristic looking tiny home can be purchased on Amazon? Yeah, me neither. The heavy timber-framed structure is 1,000 square feet and includes everything pictured—except doors and windows.

12 Kemah Park Model RV
Titan Factory Direct

This might be the tiny home of your dreams—the description reveals that it includes a covered front porch, pine accents, tile flooring, decorative barn door, kitchen appliances, and window coverings.

13 Cabin Kit
Goshen Timber Frames

A dreamy timber frame cabin kit is all I want in a weekend getaway home—anyone with me?

14 Lillevilla Getaway

The Lillevilla Getaway is a multipurpose cabin that comes with a sleeping loft.

15 Ranger House

Pop this cabin in your backyard for the cutest guest house ever.

16 Eagle Vista

One Amazon reviewer said, "Good buy, I really enjoyed how there was free shipping included with my purchase. It was a quality home, and I recommend it. All the rooms are a perfect size for me, my 6 cats and my 2 mini horses. 100% would buy again." 

17 Nordica Home

While this 191-square-foot cabin might be super tiny, it comes with a great lofted area that works as a cozy bedroom.

18 Sommersby House

This kit is ideal for a pool or garden house.

19 Sunray House

It's supposed to ship a week after you order it, so you'll have the summer cabin of your dreams in no time. 

20 Mayflower House

A unique garden house like this one—it's on wheels!—will make your backyard pop.

21 Avalon House

Hallelujah—all nails, screws, fixings, handles and door locks are included with this model.

22 Arlanda House

This garden house kit is ideal for spaces where a classic cabin style just won't fit in.

23 40-Foot-Long Tiny Home

The shipping container home to end all shipping container homes—it includes a bathroom, shower, kitchenette, sink, and bedroom. What more could you ask for?

24 Claudia Home

A cottage style cabin is perfect for any weekend trips or getaways this summer.

25 EZ Log Structures' Verona House
Amazon Prime

BUY NOW $16,500, plus shipping

This DIY building kit will keep your hands full for a few days—get ready!

26 Summerlight House

A window-filled cabin like this is an ideal hangout at a lake or beach house.

27 High-End RV Travel Trailer
Bantam Built

Who said tiny homes can't be on wheels?

28 Miranda House
Tailored Container Homes

This container home has a surprisingly chic interior—check it out for yourself.

29 Expandable 2-Bedroom House

This expandable home is advertised as easy to assemble. You can be the judge of that!

30 Vermont Cottage
Jamaica Cottage Shop

Cottages like these can pretty much go anywhere.  They'd be perfect for a backyard play house, pool house, or even a tiny home.

31 Flat-Pack Prefab Custom Houses

A modern home that gets delivered as a flat pack?! I need it.

32 Richmond Barn

I've never wanted a quaint barn so badly.

33 Estelle 5 House
$6,395.00 (23% off)

She sheds are in, and this 151-square-foot prefab home is perfect for the trend.

34 FarmHouse

Front porches give this farmhouse much-needed curb appeal.

35 EZ Log Structures' Enzo House
40 Tiny Houses on Amazon
Amazon Prime

BUY NOW $7,995, plus shipping

This 208-square-foot cabin is the perfect space for a backyard office.

36 EZ Log Structures' Nice House
40 Tiny Houses on Amazon
Amazon Prime

BUY NOW $8,200, plus shipping

In need of some color? This tiny log structure comes with a few options.

37 EZ Log Structures' Arlanzon A
40 Tiny Houses on Amazon
Amazon Prime

BUY NOW $25,529, plus shipping

This wooden workshop is spacious enough for an entire family to get their craft on.

38 Expandable Container House

Easy-to-follow instructions are what make this mobile home so enticing. Having a toilet is another serious pro.

39 EZ Log Structures' Oriental 5 House
40 Tiny Houses on Amazon
Amazon Prime

BUY NOW $7,450, plus shipping

This tiny pool house has two separate rooms, and how-to-assemble videos are available upon request.

40 Modular Mobile Container House

This portable container house can be flat-packed and shipped to you. What it lacks in architectural interest it makes up for in ease of assembly. 

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