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16 Work-From-Home Essentials to Keep You Cozy and Productive

Achieving Peak Coziness like it's our job.

wfh essentials
Design By Morgan McMullen

This month marks one year since many of us have had the privilege of working from home. While some simultaneously ordered a standing desk and a Peloton on week one of the pandemic, others may still be in denial of the current state of the world (*raises hand*) and are slowly beginning to accept that there may never be an official return to the office. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, do yourself (and your shoulders!) a favor and make yourself as comfortable as possible at home with these WFH essentials, below.

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1 Portable Facial Humidifier
Hey Dewy

The dry air in your living room isn't the most ideal for your skin, especially in the winter, which makes this Hey Dewy mini portable facial humidifier a necessary addition to your home office. Your skin will thank you!

2 Mini Percussive Therapy Massager

Shoulder tension is a b*tch when you're working from your couch. This mini Theragun can help with cramps, knots, and shoulder pain simply by placing the device on problem areas for optimal muscle relief. 

3 Steelcase SOTO® Monitor Bridge

Behold: The solution to your non-adjustable monitor, plus an additional space to organize your desk supplies.

4 Smart Coffee Warmer

When 3 p.m. hits, warm up your coffee on this waterproof smart coffee warmer. Marie Claire's associate art director is a fan!

5 Selfie Ring Light

There is an art to looking like your best self on Zoom (despite however you're feeling on the inside), and that is this selfie ring light you can clip on to your computer. 

6 Warby Parker Eyeglasses
Warby Parker

If you feel like your eyes have been betraying you lately, you're not alone. A pair of blue light-blocking frames from Warby Parker can help eliminate the strain on your eyes from excessive screen time.  

7 Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle
Hidrate Spark

Stay hydrated with Hidrate Spark's smart water bottle, which tracks how much water you're drinking throughout the day. The brand's handy app also sends alerts to your phone to remind you to sip. 

8 Women's Recycled Fleece Sweatpant
Richer Poorer

If you don't own a matching sweatsuit by now, Richer Poorer's recycled fleece sweatpants set is the next best thing to working in pajamas.

9 Cloud Socks
Brother Vellies

No WFH look is complete without a pair of ultra-comfy socks. Proceeds from this cotton pair, which comes in 19 (!) different colors, will go towards Brother Vellies's mask making and food distribution initiative in Kenya.

10 "Wake Up. Kick Ass. Be Kind. Repeat." Candle
125 Collection

Sit down at your desk, table, or counter and light up this "Wake Up. Kick Ass. Be Kind. Repeat." candle for a dose of daily motivation ahead of those Very Important Meetings. 

11 "I Burn for You" Sweatshirt

Dear reader, this is nothing more essential than this "I Burn for You" sweatshirt from Phenomenal and Bridgerton's collab that will receive more compliments from your co-workers than you could ever desire. (It's also a great small talk initiator at the beginning of Zoom meetings!)

12 Faces Large Planter Set

Fresh plants can do wonders for the soul (and stress levels). Buy yourself a chic planter like this pick to put one in. 

13 Apple Magic Keyboard

If you refuse to invest in a monitor, at least allow yourself the pleasure of a wireless Apple keyboard to give your fingers a break from your laptop's tiny keyboard.

14 Tie-Dye Mousepad

Gone are the days where we're forced to succumb to ugly mousepads. I mean, have you seen this tie-dye one? 

15 2021 Wall Calendar
Morgan Harper Nichols

Considering the days are blurring together, Morgan Harper Nichols's 2021 wall calendar will serve as a reminder of what day it is, as a piece of wall decor, and as a spot to jot down goals for the upcoming month.

16 Ugg Slingback Slippers

If these Ugg slippers don't help you achieve Peak Coziness while working from home, I don't know what will. 

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