You Can Register to Vote Now If Kendall Jenner Can Do It Between Shows

Five minutes and a phone are all it takes.

[image id='bc6d4c31-b985-498d-bd4e-dc8c77f7702b' mediaId='573b60a9-d3ac-4c83-ad72-bc9d7500437b' loc='C'][/image]Add registering to vote to the short list of things you can do while walking from Pucci to Dolce & Gabbana—or from your couch to your fridge.

As first-time voter Kendall Jenner explains in the below video, using Rock the Vote's online registration tool is as fast and painless as tossing down an espresso or posing for our street-style photographer Tyler Joe; all you need is your smartphone or mobile device and five minutes.

And given that it's National Voter Registration Day, there's no better time than now to make sure your voice is heard this fall.


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