Are You a Drama Queen Part I: A Dramatic Night Out

Drama was one of the few classes I did well in. It was my rare chance to work off my excess energy and soak up the spotlight. Nowadays, "drama" is like a natural disaster that my buddies and I try to avoid when looking for a ...

Drama was one of the few classes I did well in. It was my rare chance to work off my excess energy and soak up the spotlight.

Nowadays, "drama" is like a natural disaster that my buddies and I try to avoid when looking for a girl to date. Reading about all the earthquakes and volcanoes lately reminded me of the damage a drama queen can cause. A natural disaster initiates chaos, disorganization, and conflict. The effects of a natural disaster, like a drama queen, have a negative ripple effect. So, when a guy finds the rare "drama-free" girl, he holds on for dear life.

My friends and I can identify a drama queen from afar. The classic example occurs in early fall when the temperature drops slightly. In response to this change, certain women wrap themselves in wool coats and scarves and forge along the sidewalk as if they are braving a blizzard in Alaska. In reality, it's about 55 degrees, and you can't even see your breath yet.

Women often ignite regular situations into explosions of drama. Even the cutest girl loses appeal if she's a drama queen, so creating drama is one of the easiest ways to drive guys away. If you are not a drama queen, you will have an advantage in the dating world — trust me. Recently, my buddy (John) and I were reminded of the pain that drama causes when we went out with a couple of female friends.

After dinner, we hit a bar with one of our favorite dance floors, where John and I uncorked our horrendous dance moves. During the course of the evening, we made friends with some gals from Texas, and made rounds chatting/dancing with them and the friends we arrived with (Katie and Melissa).

Getting numbers/making out with the Texas girls was not even on my mind (perhaps it should be more often). But the lack of any "hitting on girls" pressure made the evening a fun and harmless endeavor.

Then, the evening took a dramatic turn — pun intended. It all started when one of the original girls who came out with us, Katie, and I got into an argument over a statement she made: "Lady Gaga is the future of music."

I admit I reacted dramatically, telling her she was wrong and talking down to her. She went right back at me, and we got into an argument, speaking over each other and remaining glued to our points. After reaching an impasse, Katie and I decided not to talk for the rest of the night, so I ranged over to the Texas girls.

But the drama was contagious. One of the Texas girls pulled me aside and said, about Katie:

"That girl hates me. I better stop talking to you. She's been giving me the evil eye all night. She wants to make out with you, and she's frustrated that you keep talking to me. Trust me, I'm a girl, I can tell that she wants you."

I explained that Katie and I are just friends, but to no avail. The Texas girl pledged to back off.

I went to find my buddy and learned that Katie's friend, who he had been talking to, abruptly left him because Katie had angrily stormed out of the bar. My buddy asked me about the Texas girls and I explained that they were spooked by Katie's evil eye. So, we looked at each other and agreed: "time for food."

We went to a crowded diner for some drama-free grub, but we were seated next to a couple of girls. More drama. A drunk guy on the other side of the girls spilled his beer on one of the girl's bag. He smiled and apologized profusely, but she was having none of it.

She scolded him: "Do you realize what you've just done?" At that point, I wondered if she had a living thing in her bag that would die if beer touched it...or maybe a beer-activated bomb. After the angry girl berated the drunk guy for a few more minutes, she and her friend moved to another table.

I said: "I feel sorry for whoever ends up with that girl." The drunk guys and John agreed just as my chicken cutlet sandwich with our side of pickles (best side order ever) arrived to save the day.

In my next post, I'll share ways to avoid being a drama queen. Do you have any horror stories about your friends or boyfriends who are way too dramatic? How has drama affected relationships in your life?