Government's Place in the Gay Marriage War

Does the federal government have any business meddling in marriage?

gay marriage
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The latest battle in the war over gay marriage is being led by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who's hoping to legalize it by the time his state's legislative session comes to a close next month. The Daily applauds his efforts — but they also say this:

"In the big picture, the controversy over same-sex coupling demonstrates why the government — whether federal, state, or local — has no business meddling in marriage at all. … Governments should stop short of recognizing marriage, and instead grant civil unions to all competent adult couples who seek them — regardless of sexual orientation. Such civil unions should bring with them the same rights and responsibilities as today's state-sanctioned marriages, without the controversial title of 'marriage.' Under such a system, if two people wanted to be married, they would be free to go to a church, synagogue or any other private marriage-granting institution. Such a policy would allow the government to remain neutral on the thorny issue of defining marriage, an issue best left to private institutions like churches. In the meantime, so long as governments have a say in which couples are eligible for marriage, they should avoid discrimination."

I think that sounds like a pretty smart idea. Don't ya think? Speak now, or forever hold your peace.