Dating by the Numbers

Percentage points don't lie.

50% of people have used a dating website.

50% of men and 32% of women have dated a friend's ex.

10% of men say they know in the first two minutes if there will be a second date.

46% of women ages 21 to 29 buy something new to wear on a first date. (That drops to 37% once they hit 30.)

60% of women want a guy to bring flowers.

36% of dating men have feigned disinterest to get the upper hand.

41% of women have pretended to be sick to end a date early.

30% of respondents cop to hooking up with someone who was married.

Twice as many men as women have dated for money.

47% of Democrat women and 20% of Republican women say it's OK to get busy on the first date.

(Source: Beta Research Survey of 800 singles.)