7 Signs You're Great at Relationships

You're totally nailing it.

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Maybe you don't get it right every moment, but if you're doing this stuff most days it probably means you're a pretty awesome significant other. Keep up the good work.

1. You admit when you're wrong. Everyone explodes from time to time, and that's totally okay and normal. Who better to unleash on than the person who knows you the best and is legally obligated to forgive you? The key is that when you freak out over him forgetting to DVR Bachelor in Paradise like he promised he would, that you eventually apologize and explain what's really wrong. Odds are, having to wait an extra day to watch D-list reality stars get drunk in the ocean isn't what's actually upsetting you.

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2. You know that spending time together is what matters. The activity is secondary. Sure, perfectly orchestrated date nights at scene-y restaurants that serve craft cocktails can be romantic. But so can splitting a bottle of wine and doing two weeks worth of laundry together. You can connect anywhere. You know that quality time doesn't always have to be a big production.

3. You're never too busy to kiss him goodbye in the morning. Even though you've only got mascara on one eye and are worried that you're going to be late to work (again), you still take that second to embrace. It may not be long kiss, because brushing your teeth is something you also haven't gotten around to yet, but you at least stop blow-drying your hair long enough to look your husband in the eye and tell him to have a good day.

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4. You know when, "Eh, my day was fine" really means, "Can we watch True Detective? I don't want to talk about it." And you don't press him further. If it's something big, he'll fill you in when he's ready.

5. Even though your phone is usually lost somewhere in your mammoth purse, you remember to check it a few times a day. You might be busy at the office or running a bajillion errands, but you're there if your husband needs you or has sent a particularly funny text.

6. You coddle him when he's sick. Even though he vehemently insists that he's fine, you take the initiative to cancel the double date you had planned and pretend it's because you just weren't feeling it. You also bring him cake. It definitely won't help his sinuses, but he likes vanilla frosting and you're not his doctor.

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7. When it comes down it, you're just his best friend. And that really means everything from the little stuff to the big. From being the one he always looks to for laughs at trivia night to biting your lip for the umpteenth time and telling him not to worry after a majorly embarrassing or demoralizing life fail, like not passing the bar exam—for the second time. You've got his back in every possible way, and because of that, he remains his best, most confident self. With a steady stream of "I believe in you"s from your end, he always knows he can make you happy and isn't afraid to shoot for the stars. And who doesn't want a partner like that?


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