You Can Tell if a Guy's Cheating Just by Looking at Him

According to a shocking new study.

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At one point or another, we've all wished we had psychic powers so we could know for sure whether or not our partner was cheating on us. Ideally, you trust your partner and red flags would never indicate that might be happening, but sometimes you date someone and some small part of you thinks, Maybe? Now there's a new study to help you out [via PSMag.

Brigham Young University psychologists studied 51 undergraduates (35 women, 16 men) who were in romantic relationships and asked them about their relationships, including whether or not they'd ever cheated.

Then they videotaped conversations between the couples and asked unbiased third parties to watch the videos and decide if one, both, or neither of the members of each couple had ever cheated. Their judgments were shockingly accurate.

Research team leader Nathaniel Lambert said of the study:

"I was personally amazed about what could be surmised about people after watching them on a video for just a few minutes," said Lambert. "First, I couldn't believe how consistent the observers were with each other at independently rating who they thought were cheating on their romantic partner. Second, I was surprised by how often they were right on the mark."

Lambert says it makes sense the ability to sense these things could come from basic evolution, since the ramifications of cheating can vary from financial to physical to emotional, so chances are, you don't need to be a genius to know if he's cheating on you. Just trust your gut, or your friend's gut. According to this study, they're probably right.

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