Birth-Control Pop Quiz

Leah-Anne Thompson
Sure, taking the Pill every morning can be a chore, but given the latest "breakthroughs" in male contraception, we're not prepared to delegate birth-control duties to men just yet.

Can you spot the bogus baby blocker among the true-life contraceptives for dudes?

1. The Remote-Control Sperm Tap: Using a hypodermic needle, a doctor implants a valve into the sperm duct that blocks sperm release. (The doc can open the valve with a wireless device if the guy eventually wants to have kids.)

2. The Dry-Orgasm Pill: Its ingredients (including compounds used in high-blood-pressure meds and a discontinued schizophrenia treatment) stop live sperm from fully functioning.

3. Sperm-Diluting Tablets: As the name suggests, the supplements substantially water down sperm, rendering them temporarily unable to penetrate the egg.

4. The Spray-On Condom: A man inserts his penis into a spray can with nozzles on the inside; the nozzles spray latex to create a custom condom, which dries within two minutes.

Answer: 3 is the bogus one

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