What Festival Style Looks Like Around the World

You're so extra, America.

What to Pack for Every Kind of Music Festival

From hip-hop in Brooklyn to country in Nashvegas.

How to Make Your Blowout Last for a 3-Day Festival

Dirty hair, don't care.

Everything you need to know for festival season 2017.
Beat the Heat: How to Survive New York City's Music Festival Scene in 100% Humidity

Hot and sticky? No problem.

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Beauty Street Style: The Coolest Hair and Makeup at Firefly Music Festival 2017

Or, "Wow, It Is Possible to Look Cute When It's Boiling Out."

How to Undo Pastel Hair Chalk

Oh, you didn't want to be a unicorn on Monday?

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How to Take Your Festival Hair Back to Real Life

Praise the power of leave-in conditioner.

What It's Like to Go Glamping at Firefly Music Festival

Tag along with blogger Alex Centomo for all the Boho vibes.

11 Reasons Firefly Is the Unsung Hero of Music Festival Season

Glamping in an igloo with Kesha and Bob Dylan? Yes, please.

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Weekend Trip Guide: Where to Sleep, Eat, and Play at Firefly Music Festival

When you're not listening to Bob Dylan, Chance the Rapper, and The Weeknd.

33 of the Most Head-Turning Street Style Looks from Governors Ball

Everyone's looking 100 at NYC's major fashion fest.

13 Essentials for Your Music-Festival Survival Kit

These goodies are the difference between 😊 and 😃.

Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner are Super Cute at Stagecoach

They attended the country music festival in style.

Bella Hadid apologized for Fyre Festival
Bella Hadid Explains Her Involvement in Fyre Festival

"I agreed to do one promotion…not knowing about the disaster that was to come."

Inside the Disaster That Was Supposed to Be the Fyre Music Festival

It was marketed as a luxurious getaway for jet-set millennials. Now it's postponed and customers are crying scam.

5 of the Steamiest Coachella Hookup Stories You'll Ever Hear

People got down in the desert!