How to Melt-Proof Your Makeup When It's Hotter Than You-Know-What

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If you live on the East Coast, chances are you're looking seriously hot today. But just because we're sweating it out in record-high temps this week (and the rest of the nation looks pretty nice and toasty as well) doesn't mean we need to walk around looking like we just stepped out of a Bikram yoga class.

Of course, anyone who's ever suffered the indignity of makeup literally melting off her face knows that it just totally sucks and makes you feel heinous. In the interest of prevention, Marie Claire beauty director Ying Chu went on location at Sephora to interview celeb makeup artist Tina Turnbow and get some exclusive tips on how to walk around in the hot sun and still manage to look pretty pretty. Check it out, and good luck, my friends.

Tell Marie Claire: If you have any other tips for looking cool when it's 100 degrees out, please share!