Save the Date: Prince Harry Is Coming to America

Get thee to D.C.

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Prince Harry, man capable of growing beard in defiance of his grandma, will soon visit America, a nation that came to be because his ancestors weren't very good at their jobs.

Kensington Palace announced Tuesday that the 30-year-old will tour Washington, D.C. in late October to attend events connected to the Invictus Games, a worldwide sporting event for injured servicemen and women he helped found.  

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The event will take place in Orlando next spring, so maybe he's here this early to cut some ribbons and shake hands. At the same time, though, maybe he's *really* here on a secret mission to dethrone his brother as Head Royal Tourist.


But he knows and you know and I know that, as soon as Prince George is old enough for frequent flying, there's no taking that title back—ever. So enjoy it while it lasts, buddy. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Soon, Uncle Hawwy. SOON.

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