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AGE: 46. CURRENT RESIDENCE: Malibu, California. SHE WORE: The Georgia native arrived on set sans makeup, sporting Earnest Sewn jeans and Frye boots paired with a simple scarf and T-shirt. SOFT SPOT: Roberts was accompanied by an unconventional entourage—an oversize stuffed otter that her son gave her to keep her company at the shoot. FUNNY GIRL: Flashing her signature high-wattage smile, she said wryly, "I wish I could take a pill and be fashionable." IN THE BAG: After making fast friends with MC Photography Director Caroline Smith, the actress emptied out her own black leather Jil Sander handbag and gifted it to Smith (who'd commented how much she loved it). —Marisa Carroll

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1. TOP $1,325, Calvin Klein Collection; (212) 292-9000. 2. NECKLACE $3,850, Dezso by Sara Beltrán at Twist; (503) 224-0334. 3. SKIRT $1,050, Proenza Schouler; 4. Artist Georgia O'Keeffe inspired the bohemian looks. 5. COAT price upon request, Calvin Klein Collection; (212) 292-9000. 6. Proenza Schoulder. 7. SANDALS $435, Pierre Hardy at Max; (303) 321-4949. 8. SANDALS $665, Isabel Marant; (323) 651-1493. 9. RING price upon request, Christine J. Brandt; for information. 10. BRACELET price upon request, Shamballa Jewels at Barneys New York; (212) 826-8900.

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