7 Inexpensive Fashion Finds for a Perfect Outfit

If you're headed home for the holidays, you're probably going to run into old high school friends (read: frenemies) at all the usual spots. Pack an outfit that's not only comfy for running last-minute gifting errands, but one that makes you feel great when you bump into that former flame or foe. Plus, it's an alternative to yoga pants for weekend jaunts.

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1. Verbiage Slider Bangle, $28; rachelroy.com

2. RACHEL Rachel Roy "M" Initial Amulet Orange Cord Bracelet, $18; macys.com

3. Biker Jacket, $49.95; hm.com

4. Striped T-Shirt, 29.00; zara.com

5. Gap Colorblock Crossbody Bag; Gap.com

6. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, $59.90; zara.com

7. Distressed Leather Authentic Decon CA shoe, $85; vans.com

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