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Any good fashionista knows that the perfect shopping trip requires achieving a difficult balance of smaller independent boutiques and larger-scale department stores. One shop may carry one of your favorite lesser-known label, but you'll need to make another trip across town to pick up shoes from a crowded, big-name store.

Of course, shopping is always more of a blessing than a problem for us, but we're the first to admit that the whole process could get a little more streamlined. Enter Farfetch, a recently stateside e-commerce site that acts as a hub of thousands of independent boutiques and designer labels. Farfetch features online shops for both women and men in all categories — clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, and even vintage — with only one checkout process, regardless of how many individual boutiques from which you shop.

In addition to the whole shopping aspect, Farfetch features a community component of the site, as well. Read up on all assets of the fashion industry while engaging in discussions in its Our People section.

Check out Farfetch today at, and get shopping!

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