There are few things worse than spending hours getting ready for a party only to have a sartorial emergency in the middle of drinks. Whether it's a broken zipper or a pizza stain (we've all been there), mid-party fashion fails aren't a good look.

Here, we've rounded up some quick fixes so you're adequately prepared next time. Consider this the holy grail of fashion hacks.

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Drag Your Sleeve Through Pasta? Do the Cool-Girl Cuff

Look, who among us hasn't spilled food on our sleeves at a party? But before you panic at the giant stain forming on your shirt, simply rock the cool-girl cuff. (Quick how-to: fold your sleeve up until the edge is at your bicep, then roll the folded sleeve up to your elbow and let the cuff stick out. Voilà.)

Coach Reversible Military Blouson, $895;

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Missing Button? Hook It with a Brooch

Losing a top button is one thing, but losing a middle button and having to deal with your bra being exposed is a huge nope. Our suggestion? Have a simple brooch on hand to use as a make-shift button so you don't end up hunkered in a bathroom stall attempting to thread a needle.

Coach Shrunken Broiderie Anglaise Top, $295;

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Eyelashes Fall Off? Wear Your Sunglasses at Night

There is no greater awkwardness than having a strip of eyelashes fall of your face in the middle of a conversation (good times, good times), but fear not. Keeping a night-time appropriate pair of shades on hand will disguise your eyes until you have a moment to rip off the rest of your lashes.

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Expensive Blowout Go Limp? Tie Your Hair Up in a Bandana

Fact: bandanas are a girl's best friend. We suggest tying one onto your bag as a cute accessory—that way, you can bust it out and dress up a simple ponytail if your hair falls limp mid-party. Problem = solved.

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Rip the Hem on Your Skirt? Break Out the Double-Sided Tape

We know there's only so much that can fit into one clutch, but please make room for a roll of double-sided scotch tape next to your credit card. It comes in insanely handy when dealing with hem-related emergencies, and can also be used to prevent wardrobe malfunctions in the cleavage department. Forget the tape at home? Get crafty with a couple band-aids.

Coach Floral Curved Hem Skirt, $895;

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Scuff Marks on Your Leather Shoes? Hunt Down Toothpaste

Whether your party is at a friend's house or in an event space, there will usually be toothpaste in the bathroom. And good news! It erases scuff marks from most leather shoes. Moral of the story: don't worry if you dance too hard. Your footwear will recover.

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Broken Zipper? Run Soap Along Its Teeth

The internet has taught us many important things—most recently, that rubbing simple bar soap along a stubborn zipper will magically make it work again. Pro tip: this is especially useful when you suddenly can't zip up your skirt after using the bathroom.

Coach Patchwork Skirt, $1,595;

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