And with the Return of the Tube Top, We Are Officially Living in 2005

And/or a glitch in the Matrix.

Ever so slowly, the tube top crept back into our collective consciousness before we could say "Smocking! Begone!" But maybe it's not so bad this time around? Even with the tiny sunglasses that have somehow also survived the bonfire of the aught-ities? To help you arrive at a decision, a collection of photos ahead.

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Miami vibes circa 2000.

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Before we officially start, a refresher on what people wore in 2000. Look at the sequins. The implied stretchiness. The spoon-bowl-size lenses on the sunglasses! Those were the daysβ€”or not. 

SHOP SIMILAR: Roberi and Fraud sunglasses, $195;

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Now look at Kendall, who could've stepped out from the first photo. What marks this as 2017, though, minus the pride paraphernalia? Literally nothing elseβ€”not even the low-rise jeansβ€”which shows how far we've gone down the rabbit hole. 

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This too. 

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But it's not just the Hadids and Jenners who are perpetrators: Here is Taylor Swift before she went into exile, in a matching set J.Lo might've worn back in the day. 

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Here is Sofia Richie in one, with the very modern addition of the jacket-worn-as-a-stole.


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You do have to agree that it is a nice layering piece for when you want to wear outsize silhouettes while suggesting you still have a body underneath. 

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Or when you have a spare yard of pinstripe fabric you have no idea what to do with so you wrap it around yourself like Ariel did with that sail. 

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