Reformation: The Cool Girls' Answer to Eco-Friendly Fashion

The bi-coastal sustainable fashion brand Reformation already has a loyal following of local fans—lovingly dubbed "Ref babes"—and their eco-friendly movement seems to be growing by the minute. Here, we take you on a tour of the label's newest addition: a store on Howard Street in Soho.


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    Anyone who lives in downtown New York could tell you that there are a handful of stores and labels that have such a cult-like following that you'd be hard-pressed to find their loyal fans shopping anywhere (or wearing anything) else. The Reformation is one of said stores.

    For the uninitiated, Reformation is an environmentally sustainable label that repurposes vintage clothing and surplus fabrics found by its in-house team. With two successful stores already in place—one on the Lower East Side in New York and one in Los Angeles—a location in Soho seemed like the natural next step for the young brand. Yael Aflalo, the brand's founder and creative director, wants this new space to be an intersection for good design and sustainability.

    "I was really into the whole concept of 'fast fashion,' but the part about it being so disposable was something I couldn't stomach," she explained. "We only design our collections a few weeks in advance of them arriving in our stores—we aim to be a sustainable fast fashion brand."

    All of the pieces you'll find in Reformation stores and on its e-commerce site are produced in limited quantities in Los Angeles. Instead of blindly following seasonal runway trends like many other brands tend to do, Yael and her designers base their collections on what they want to wear. "I draw a lot of inspiration from my friends and the Reformation team—it evolves from our own style," she said. "I've always liked personal style more than runway style—I think runway style can be a little fussy—so I'm inspired by what I see girls wearing on the street."

    We visited Yael and her team as they prepared to open the new store at 23 Howard Street. Read on for a peek inside the gorgeous (and green!) space and to learn more about the burgeoning brand.

    Shanna Ravindra
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