6 Top Bloggers Share Their Summer to Fall Transition Tips

It's time to say a familiar farewell to sweet summertime and an excited hello to autumn! From dreamy sweaters to luxurious leather, we turned to six of the fashion set's top beautiful bloggers — Julia Engel, Rachel Parcell, and Shea Marie, for starters — to give us the low-down on fall fashion.


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    Shea Marie (Peace Love Shea)

    Peace Love Shea 

    Lucky for me, living in Southern California where seasons consist of "summer" and "those couple of 'not-summer' months," summer-to-fall wardrobe transition is quite easy. To set the tone for my fall wardrobe without breaking the bank, I have a few tricks.

    Step 1: Swap out your strappy sandals for black or brown ankle booties. One small change and you've already said a lot about the time of year of your outfit.

    Trade that babydoll pink nail color for a more earthy tone — burgundy, taupe, olive or even black.

    Stack up the accessories. Add a felt hat, lots of metal bangles and cuffs.

    Spending most of the summer beachside with a natural makeup-less face to avoid post-swim mascara raccoon eyes, it's time to add a little golden brown eyeliner and wine-colored lip stain.

    Here's where you invest in a great leather jacket that will be your fall/winter staple piece. I'm not quite ready to sausage my legs into skinnys all winter though, so my trick is a black maxi skirt or a pair of black tights.  

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