Tim Gunn's Rules of Style

The Project Runway mentor and fashion guru answers all your style conundrums.


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    Coloring It In

    "I am a very pale redhead — a ginger, specifically. I tend to wear dark and neutral tones because they fit my personality best. Are there any colors that are off-limits for my skin tone and hair combination? I've always wanted a sexy red dress, but would that work?"

    I am rapturous about redheads, so congratulations! I find that pale redheads look best in deeply saturated colors, such as jewel tones: ruby, amethyst, emerald. Avoid pastels and any neutral that's close to your own skin tone. (I am not using that pervasive word nude because a color is nude only if it's the color of your skin.) When presented with the what-colors-can-I-wear problem, I encourage women to perform a skin test — that is, hold the textile under your chin and see how it reflects onto your face. The paler you are, the fewer good color options you have. Women with dark skin can have a color bonanza!

    Jon Kopaloff/Filmmagic
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