Desert Flower

The ultrachic international It girl and heiress Claire Courtin-Clarins takes us on a tour of Miraval's equally stylish new spa.


claire courtin-clarins
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    Desert Cool

    If our grandfather was the founder of a global beauty and spa dynasty, we'd spend endless days lazing around the sauna. There might even be palm fronds involved. So it seemed perfectly fitting to find Claire Courtin-Clarins, 24, at — where else? — a spa.

    "I was expecting to see a barren desert," she says of first setting eyes upon Miraval in Tucson, Arizona. "Instead, it was this lush landscape filled with life and character." The resort and spa, nestled in the Sonoran Desert, has long been a favored destination for well-scrubbed heels, but thanks to a new partnership with the French cosmetics company and much-hyped renovations, Miraval's newly opened Life in Balance Spa with Clarins is abuzz.

    Claire's uncle Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins, managing director of the beauty brand, helped develop the new spa menu. But that's not to say Claire and her famous relatives — her sister, Virginie, and cousins Jenna and Prisca (Olivier's daughters), all glamorous fixtures on the transatlantic social scene and genetic proof that beauty products are only part of the equation — didn't provide a sounding board. "As a family, Clarins' business is always a discussion," she explains.

    "I love the Grounding Facial," she says of her favorite treatment. "The heat [of warm stones], combined with the Clarins massage techniques, allows the products to be absorbed more effectively. I felt like my face looked younger and more refreshed afterward." She's also a fan of the Naga body treatment, which draws from Thai massage traditions and is attracting rave reviews all around: "The therapist stands on these beautiful silks suspended from the ceiling that he wraps around parts of your body to pull you into these deep, graceful stretches. It feels like dancing together!"

    Covetable treatments aside, patrons old and new will likely appreciate the aesthetic upgrades, too: The Mithun architects and Clodagh Design team incorporated glass, stone, water, and native plants like sage and wild lavender to create a space that blends seamlessly into the natural setting, complemented by the stunning backdrop of the Santa Catalina mountains. "As an artist, the landscape and architecture totally inspire me," says Claire, who is also a photographer but had the chance to get in front of the lens for this story. Personally, we couldn't be more inspired to book a facial.

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