Big Girl in a Skinny World: Military Style

Be all you can in military-inspired pieces that command serious attention. Plus-size style expert Nicolette Mason rounds up her faves.


nicolette mason
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    Command Attention

    If you're like me, you went through a teenage tough-chick phase that had you pillaging army-navy stores in search of camos and flak jackets. (How cool were we?) Prepare to feel some major nostalgia, thanks to the blitzkrieg of strong, structured silhouettes in military greens and civilian-ready leather accents that flooded the fashion zone this season. Peace-loving girly-girl that I am now, I'm still drawn to military influences. The key is finding form-flattering pieces (think cinched waists or belts) that look both edgy and feminine. One last thing: Snap a pic while you rock this trend — then share with me on Twitter @MCBigGirl!
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