10 Beauty Disasters... And 10 Beauty Solutions!

And pro advice for how to resolve them.


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    Crooked or Too-Short Bangs

    A bit overzealous with the shears during your DIY trim?

    HIDE THE EVIDENCE "Try pulling from a farther-back section to cover up the too-short bangs and, depending on the length, sweep them to the side or braid in short pieces with longer hair to mask the problem," advises Bumble and Bumble stylist Roz Murray.

    SWITCH YOUR PART If bangs are uneven, this move will camouflage your mistake.

    GET ANOTHER CHOP Cutler suggests you simply trim the rest of your hair to match. "If the fringe is crooked, make the rest of the hair layered and choppy," he says. "Then the bangs will match."

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