Lazy Girl Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

First, we got our favorite beauty bloggers to share their money-saving tricks. Now, just in time spring, we asked our favorite mommy bloggers to give us the scoop on their quickie primping secrets.


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    Spritz and Save

    "If you don't have time to do a full blowdry, perfect your messy-on-purpose hair," suggests Amy Corbett Storch, founder of Amalah. "Dry your roots, if you can, then spritz the ends of your hair with sea salt spray while they're still damp. Pull your hair up into a few scrunched-up piles on your head and secure with large claw clips. Once dry, let it down and finish with your favorite styling spray. You'll look like you came from the beach—not the laundry room."

    Pictured: Amy Corbett Storch; Amalah.

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