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Just when you thought cool nail art was best left to the pros, Marie Claire asked the world's top experts to create exclusive looks you can do at home (really).


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    Nails By: Jessica Washick


    The Look: Tortoiseshells and cheetahs were the inspiration for this wild mani created by Washick, who’s best known for her Tumblr ( "I just love the imperfection of natural patterns," she says. "Plus, they're easier to paint than straight lines—especially when you’re using your nondominant hand."

    How-To: Apply two coats of (1). Next, paint a few "messy" diamond shapes on each nail using (2). Dip a striping brush, like the Star Nail CinaPro Striping Brush With Cleaner, $8, in (3), then use it to create small spots in the center of each diamond. "The Floss Gloss lacquers I used are really pigmented, so you can layer them on other colors—even when they're wet—and they still stay true to the shades in the bottles," says Washick.

    1. FLOSS GLOSS Pro Nail Lacquer in Bikini Coral, $8. 2. ILLAMASQUA Nail Varnish in Cameo, $17. 3. FLOSS GLOSS Pro Nail Lacquer in Wavepool, $8.

    Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio D
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