Eau de You

It's finally December — time to switch over to seasonal Starbucks coffees, snuggly cashmere scarves, and a brand new fragrance! Your summertime scent (surely a lightweight confection that involves citrus or cheery florals) simply will not do. Here, we rounded up the most coveted perfumes of the season, from Diane von Fustenberg's new red, currant-laced Love Diane to Chanel’s warm, deeply sexy Coco Noir.


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    I'm Gonna Live Forever

    Fame by Lady Gaga is not as dangerous and weird as you'd expect — in fact, it's approachably fruity! Blended with a bit of incense and spice, this apricot-y scent is flirty in a girls-night-out way. ($79, macys.com)

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