What I Love About Me: Columbus, OH

On the clean-cut Midwest streets of Ohio, these natural beauties prove that less is more. Check out more Beauty Roadshows.


October 27, 2011 4:00 PM

Homegrown Beauty

Suzanne Saedi, 20

"The 5-inch scar on my elbow represents my mischievous childhood. My minor imperfections make me totally unique."

Homegrown Beauty

Katie Zaborski, 18

"I love how only close friends and family notice my freckles — they're super-subtle and really cute."

Homegrown Beauty

Lily Schlosser, 23

"I used to be self-conscious of my blushing cheeks, but now I think they keep me looking fresh and young — no makeup required."

Homegrown Beauty

Emily Downes, 18

"My hair is so easy to style — I'm always switching it up depending on my mood. Soft, tousled waves are my current obsession."

Homegrown Beauty

Daniela Duddleston, 20

"My sister and I have the same tattoo of a Finnish crest on our inner arms — it reminds us to be strong and independent women."

Homegrown Beauty

Nikki Portman, 30

"I'm always on the hunt for amazing vintage shoes — and fortunately my size-5½ feet fit them all!"

Homegrown Beauty

Caitlin Cranwell, 26

"Thanks to my years as a ballet dancer, I have strong, sculpted legs that look great in a miniskirt."

Homegrown Beauty

Sarah Jurcyk, 27

"My steely blue eyes remind me of how much I love my dad's Polish side of the family."

Homegrown Beauty

Janet Chen, 35

"My radiant complexion makes me feel more confident, so I'm religious about cleansing and exfoliating my skin."