Your Nails Need These 7 Summer Polishes
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The Absolute Easiest Way to Get Beachy Waves

Without any of the sticky, crunchy, tangled mess.

Here, the experts reveal their favorite beauty products.
WORTH IT: The 5 Insanely Good Beauty Products I'm Loving This Week

My real, no-bullshit reviews of new products you'll actually want to buy.

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The 5 Best SPF-Filled Moisturizers I Promise Don’t Suck

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The 5 Best Self-Tanners That Will Never, Ever, Ever Streak

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Okay, You Really Need to Be Using Argan Oil on Your Face

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5 Crazy-Good Beauty Products I'm Loving This Week

My real, unfiltered reviews of new products that are actually worth your $$.

The 7 Absolute Best Red Lipsticks of All Damn Time

All of these have earned a 10/10 awesomeness rating by yours truly.

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7 Celebrity-Approved False Lashes for Your Next Night Out

Because that volumizing mascara just won't cut it.

20 Cult-Favorite Asian Beauty Products You Need in Your Life

These will forever change your skincare and makeup game.

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The 6 Best Waterproof Mascaras That Don't Require a Sander to Remove

All-day length and volume, without having to rip out your lashes at the end of the day.

The 5 Best Waterproof Eyeliners for Your Next 'Queer Eye' Binge

Take it from me, the woman who cries at everything (and nothing).

20 Outstanding Skincare Products That Will Really, Truly Change Your Life

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The 5 Eyeliners I Swear Are 100 Percent Smudge-Proof

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Finally, the *Very Best* Shampoos for Oily, Greasy Hair

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The 4 Best Teeth Whiteners I’ve Actually Tried and Loved

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