Too Faced Is Launching an Entire Collection of Unicorn Makeup Products

Peace, love, and unicorns.

Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush, $34Life's a Festival Peace, Love & Unicorns Eye Shadow Palette, $42Unicorn Tears Iridescent Mystical Bronzer, $30Festival Refresh Mystical Effects Setting and Refreshing Spray, $24La Crème Mystical Effects Lipstick, $22Magic Crystal Transforming Lip Gloss, $19Rainbow Strobe Rainbow Effect Highlighter, $30Unicorn Horn Mystical Effects Highlighting Stick, $28

No collection is more quintessential Too Faced than the upcoming launch of an all unicorn-inspired line. Cofounder Jerrod Blandino has named it the "Life's a Festival Collection," and it's set to launch, you guessed it, right in time for festival season.

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Jerrod has also named RaeLynn, country singer and huge fan of the brand, as the face of the upcoming insanely magical line.

"RaeLynn is dynamic, beautiful, talented, and the epitome of the Too Faced girl." Jerrod says. "I chose her to be the face of our Festival collection because she genuinely loved our La Crème lipstick in the shade 'Unicorn Tears,' and this product was the muse for the entire Festival collection."

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And as the "unicorn of country music," RaeLynn says the opportunity is a match made in unicorn heaven. "I'm obsessed with unicorns and always have been, so to be the face of this line is so awesome."

In true Too Faced fashion, the products smell as amazing as they look, and the packaging is no afterthought. The whole collection of 15 products will launch February 15 on, but read on for a sneak peek of everything you can expect to find and watch the video above for more swatches.

Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush, $34

The bristles are made with teddy bear hair (don't worry, no teddies were harmed) and the handle is as beautiful as a unicorn horn. Use it for highlighting or contouring or adding magic to your everyday routine.

Too Faced Life's A Festival Palette

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Life's a Festival Peace, Love & Unicorns Eye Shadow Palette, $42

This rainbow palette has twelve shades in four different finishes: creamy matte, pearl, satin, and duo chrome. The palette also includes a bonus "Unicorn Tears" highlighter, which was inspired by the super popular lipstick of the same name.

Unicorn Tears Iridescent Mystical Bronzer, $30

This compact is part bronzer, part highlighter. Swirl the shades together for an all over violet/bronze glow, or use separately to highlight and bronze only certain areas.

Unicorn Tears Iridescent Mystical Bronzer

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Festival Refresh Mystical Effects Setting and Refreshing Spray, $24

In addition to a makeup setting spray, this glowy-goodness-in-a-bottle can be used as an instant illuminator and as a refresher, thanks to its cooling effect.

Festival Refresh Mystical Effects Setting and Refreshing Spray

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La Crème Mystical Effects Lipstick, $22

These color-shifting lipsticks look different on everyone. The classic "Unicorn Tears," which inspired the whole line, is a holographic bluish purple. "Angel Tears" has a softer gold tint. "Fairy Tears" has hints of pink, and "Mermaid Tears" is green and purple.

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Magic Crystal Transforming Lip Gloss, $19

These are holographic gloss versions of the lipsticks to be worn alone or on top of another shade as a transforming topper. Available in the same shades: "Unicorn Tears," "Angel Tears," "Fairy Tears," and "Mermaid Tears."

Too Faced Transforming Lip Toppers

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Rainbow Strobe Rainbow Effect Highlighter, $30

Not only is it rainbow, but it's also infused with Rose Quartz powder for ~love energy~.

Rainbow Strobe Rainbow Effect Highlighter

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Unicorn Horn Mystical Effects Highlighting Stick, $28

Highlight sticks shaped like unicorn horns (!). "Unicorn Tears" has a blueish tint and "Unicorn Dreams," has a pink tint.

Too Faced Unicorn Tears Highlighting Stick

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