What 7 People Look Like With and Without Their Lips Overlined

What really happens when real people try the Kylie Jenner-inspired overlined-lip challenge.

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In case you've been living under a rock where Kylie Jenner and Snooki's Instagram is inaccessible, overlining your lips is when you use your lip liner to trace the perimeter of your lip shape, creating a larger look. Here's what seven editors looked like after outlining their lips and how they felt about their new pumped up pouts.

"I'd definitely do it again, maybe not for work, but for a night out instead. It's more work to touch up though, but overall I'm into it!" —Sam

"It was more makeup than I ever wear, so I was a little freaked out after looking in the mirror. When I walked back to my desk though, everyone was like "that looks amazing!" Then, I walked past a random person who was like, "I love your lips!" Not that I need approval from others, but it made me think maybe I should start doing this more often. —Danielle 

"I think I look terrifying! Also, I guess I touch my face a lot because I kept accidentally picking up color from my lips onto my fingers, and now my keyboard has a few red smudges. I will not be attempting this again." —Prachi

"I am obsessed with my overlined lips. I basically never wear lipstick to work. If I do wear anything, it's normally a boring, neutral color. The color I tried for this is super dark, which I was really nervous about, but it actually made me feel like a mix between Rihanna and a cool vampire . Also, my boss complimented my new look, which was pretty awesome. I will definitely do it again!" —Caitlin

"I was pumped to supersize my lips as I've always wished mine were a littleeee bit bigger. After seeing the huge orange-y things painted on though I was a little alarmed: Not sure if it was the color or the size, but I felt like I was looking at another human in the mirror. Not for me! Little lips it is." Tess

"I don't know how women stand this stuff. I couldn't move my mouth the same way and I couldn't really feel my lips—it was like they were disabled. And having stuff AROUND my lips instead of just ON them made me feel like my face was dirty. At least I ended up appreciating my own lips more once it was over. " —Charles

"My first reaction was, 'Omg, it's so bright and my lips look INSANE.' I don't usually do bright colors, so the hot pink shade was really out of my element. But I like trying new stuff, so I thought why not? It's a really pretty color, and I would definitely try wearing the shade again, especially since everyone kept complimenting me. But, I don't think the over lining is for me. I'll stick to my regular sized lips." —Mylan

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