How a Editor Gets Ready in the A.M.

Senior Features Editor Danielle McNally packs a lot into her mornings. Senior Features Editor Danielle McNally utilizes every spare second from the time her alarm goes off to the minute she has to head to the office. She gets work done, she devours the news, she completes a skincare routine — oh, and she still manages to apply a killer power-lip before heading out the door. But behind every impressive morning routine are a few multitasking secrets. For one, she uses Mary Kay® TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D™ (opens in new tab), which includes a cleanser, a day cream (with SPF!), a night cream, and an eye cream. The products are packed with active ingredients like peptides, encapsulated resveratrol, and vitamin B3 to keep to help even skin tone, and keep her complexion protected and looking fresh—and the convenient set keeps her routine streamlined, so she doesn't have to waste a minute thinking about what to reach for. Watch the video above to see how she gets it all done.

Video was shot in residence 3F at Steiner East Village (opens in new tab), a seven-story, 82-unit, full-service residential condominium development in New York City.

I'm the Beauty Director at HearstMade.