The Most Trustworthy Makeup Removers For Every Skin Type

From oils to cleansing water to wipes.

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Take it from us: there may be no bigger struggle than mustering the motivation to go to the sink and wash your face after a long day. Thank goodness for the invention of the lazy-girl makeup remover, which allows us to do so tired or hungover, with little to no effort.

You could figure out the hard way which makeup removers do and don't work for their skin, but we've saved you the wasted $$ and the potential breakouts with this primer on the best makeup removers for your dry/overly reactive/fickle skin.

When you're combatting parched winter skin or post-shower dryness in the summer, it's best to stick to products that will cleanse and moisturize at the same time.

Wipes can be harsh and drying on skin, so if you still want a quick fix at night, look for super-saturated wipes like Koh Gen Do's that come infused with nourishing herbs.

Or, use gel- or oil-based treatments like E.L.F's hydrating remover and Clinique's classic Take the Day Off oil.

Skimping on face wash at night comes with its hazards, but you can avoid unnecessary breakouts with a soothing cleanser like Boscia's that melts into skin without leaving grease on your pillowcase.

Jean Pierre's micellar water has the consistency of, well, water, so it cleanses and hydrates skin without adding unnecessary oil.

And if you're doing recon on post-blemish scars, look to a brightening and exfoliating (but not harsh) treatments like First Aid Beauty's Facial Radiance Pads.

If you have sensitive skin, nighttime cleansing may or may not require kid gloves, so look for gentle and soothing options that won't cause any hives or itchy patches.

Oils or oil-like products such as Bioderma's rinse-free cleanser and Simple's chemical-free cleansing water are key.

And if you must use a wipe, try a paraben-free product like Sephora's calming coconut water variety.

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