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#BigLipstickEnergy: The 3 Lip Products I'm Obsessed With Right Now

"What lip is that?" A professional lipstick critic reveals all.

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I'm a serial lipstick dater. So many lip products slide onto my desk. Some I double-tap and have all the heart eyes for. Others I ghost and leave on seen. This is #BigLipstickEnergy, an honest breakdown of how I feel about the latest lip launches. Read on for the three lipstick flings I'm keeping in rotation for now. Next week, I'll have a new roster.

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This Chic Bullet
Rouge Essentiel Silky Crème Lipstick in Rouge Profond
Laura Mercier nordstrom.com


Laura Mercier's Rouge Essentiel line has a whole new look. Setting aside the important fact that this collection includes a whopping 30 silky shades for all skin tones, the packaging is prettier than ever before (and only available for a limited time). When it comes to beauty products, sometimes shelf appeal reigns supreme. I mean, do you not want to own a gorgeous rose gold, flower-adorned tube that'll make you feel rich? Thought so. 


The holidays make me happy—mainly because beauty products look the most festive and fun in the fourth quarter of the year. I know I'm supposed to talk about the weightless wash of color this berry shade leaves behind on my lips, but I also need you to know how rich and luxe this lipstick looks, period. Yes, I wear it. But I mostly love seeing its rose gold tube glimmer in my bag and sparkle on my vanity. It's just so freaking gorgeous. 

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This Chic Mauve
Clutch-Sized Soleil Lip Balm in 05 Baie D' Hiver
Tom Ford sephora.com


You already own a million clear lip balms. But I bet you don't own a cool mauve-tone lip balm with a dazzling gold pearlescent finish. This opulent balm gives your lips lots of hydration, thanks to the combination of cacao butter and tahiti butter, and the shade is absolutely divine. 


I don't except anything less than excellence from a Tom Ford beauty product. But now, I'm ruined forever because this lip balm is in a league of its own and puts all others to shame. It's mini and can fit in the smallest of evening bags. (I carried it around Paris Fashion Week in a clutch, so I can attest to its convenient size.) Plus, it gives my lips a moisturized, lustrous, light-reflective finish that begs for selfie-ing. I'm obsessed with the way this mauve tone looks on my skin tone and the uber-soft finish that keeps dryness away. Thank you, Tom, you are far too kind. 

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This Hybrid
SPACE.NK.apothecary Surratt Lipslique Lip Color
SURRATT nordstrom.com


Sometimes, it's hard to figure out what the hell your lips are in the mood for. In that case, the perfect middle ground is this genius hybrid of both a lipstick and a lip gloss. It combines the silky texture of a gloss and the vibrant color of a liquid lipstick. The sheen is subtle but buildable when it comes to color. Layer on as much as you'd like if you're looking for more. 


Of course I can trust famed makeup artist Troy Surratt with creating the lip product of my indecisive dreams. I'm a Libra I can't help it. I'm admittedly bewitched by bright red matte textures, but this unique finish is something different. It gives my lips a strawberry popsicle effect with a shine that's not too loud but still fun to wear. Until I want something loud, in which case I can keep swiping. Bonus: The botanical oils provide all the moisture I need for dry fall days.

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