Creating a Sultry Night Look for Your Eyes

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Fabio Pettinari

How can I make my large, almond-shaped eyes look sultry for nights out? I love the look of coating the entire lid with a dark, luminescent shadow, but I can't seem to duplicate the look.

To make large, almond-shaped eyes look sultry for evening (no matter what your skin tone), we recommend going with a smoky look. The key is to use cream-based, as opposed to powder-based, pencils and shadows so the color doesn't "skip" when you apply it. Start by priming your lid with concealer or foundation (if you don't use concealer) that matches your skin tone. Next, sweep a dark shadow shade (pick something that contrasts with your eye color to make your eyes really pop) from your lashlines to just above your creases. Then, apply a pencil liner in a hue that complements your shadow to the inside "rims" of your eyes. Last, sweep on several layers of black, curling mascara. We love Delux Beauty shadows (easy to spread), Vincent Longo pencils and L'Oréal mascara (Panoramic Curl).

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