Found! The World's Most Gorgeous Red Lipstick

Erin and I both fancy ourselves red lipstick connoisseurs, having dabbled in the art of crimson lips for many years. Of course we both have our own fave brand and shade, but we are both forever searching for an even better, more gorgeous red. So how stoked were we to stumble across the new Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Fiery during a browse through the beauty closet? Holy mother -- it is an awesome red. It's a deep, matte crimson that Erin describes as looking like "velvet." And they aren't joking with the "Long Wear" part. I wore it to dinner the other night and it was still (mostly) in place by the end of the meal.

Warning: Liquid lip colors can be tricky to apply. I find it easiest if you use the tip of the sponge applicator to do the outline first, and then go back and fill in the rest. (Erin prefers to use her fingers, but cautions against stained hands.) However you put it on, just act fast if you make a mistake and go outside the line. That shizz ain't going anywhere!

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