Betty Returns to Mad Men and We Want Her Makeup (Season 7, Ep. 3)

This flawless look is going to be our summer @work go-to.

(Image credit: AMC/DermStore)

Mad Men season 7 scene

(Image credit: AMC/DermStore)

Betty Francis finally made her season 7 entrance, fashionably late of course. While having tea with Francine she describes herself as old-fashioned, but her makeup choices are anything but outdated. Decked out in blue pastels from head-to-toe, Betty's matching eyeshadow, which may otherwise feel reminiscent of a bad '80s music video, rings fresh and youthful. 

Mad Men season 7 scene

(Image credit: AMC/DermStore)

They say history will always repeat itself, and luckily, so will fashion and beauty trends. Bring Betty's ever-pristine look into the aughts with a pale shadow pen that glides on smooth and is super simple to apply. We recommend: Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes in Light Blue.

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes in Light Blue

(Image credit: Ellis Faas)

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Photo Credit: AMC/DermStore