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This Tool Will Transform Your Entire Face

Plus, it's party clutch friendly.

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Jeff Allen

You already know that lipstick doubles as blush when you're in a pinch, but the idea of dabbing it on your lids seems a little less foolproof. (Pink eye? Not exactly enticing.) Look to the runway or red carpet, however, and you'll notice that matchy-matchy makeup in romantic, rosy tones is having a real moment. Even better: You only need one product (Maybelline New York Lip Studio Color Blur) and this step-by-step to get the look IRL:

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Neutralize Redness
Jeff Allen

After exfoliating skin (including the surface of your lips), quickly conceal any blemishes or red spots with a tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation to set the stage, says Oquendo. Then, add a thin veil of foundation across your lids.

"This gives the Color Blur something to grab onto and makes it easier to blend," explains the pro. If you're suffering from allergies or an exhausting string of late nights, "neutralize" the inner water line with a beige pencil.

Tint Lids
Jeff Allen

Using the precise tip of the Color Blur crayon, draw a band of pink across your upper lashes just as you would with eyeliner. Women with fairer skin tones should opt for a cool pink. (Oquendo used I Like To Mauve It here.) If you have a medium to deep complexion, reach for a warmer, orange-based hue like I'm Blushing!

Next, diffuse the pigment up towards the crease with the silicone smudger, using a gentle, windshield wiper motion. Overdosed on color? Use a tissue to blot away any excess.

"This matte lipstick goes on like a cream but dries to a powdery finish, so it sets without having to layer anything over top," says Oquendo. For more definition, add a coat of brown—not black—mascara to top and bottom lashes. "I love pinks and browns together—it looks less severe," he says.

Add a "Whisper" of Color
Jeff Allen

Blush should take a backseat to eyes and lips. To lend cheeks a light wash of pink that doesn't skew too baby doll, run the same lipstick over the back of your hand to warm up the pigment. "Think of it like an artist's palette," says Oquendo. Use a fluffy brush to apply the product to your apples—directing color down and out toward your ear to form a "sideways L" shape.

"This makes your flush look natural—not like 80s credit card blush," says the pro. "The brush should lightly caress your cheek—leaving behind just a whisper of color."

Pencil Your Pout
Jeff Allen

To prevent pigment from clinging to dry patches, prep lips with balm and then blot to minimize the amount of slip. Next, apply the pencil to the middle of the lip on top and bottom, blending it out towards the perimeter of your mouth with the smudger. "This is a creamy product, so it will naturally travel without too much effort," says Oquendo. "You want the color to be densest in the center."

Think Pink
Jeff Allen

Adding a sheer veil of pink all over looks effortless. Better yet, monochrome makeup was seemingly made for holiday party season: Maybelline's slim Color Blur crayon—the only thing you need for touch-ups—slips into the sleekest of clutches.

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