#ThighReading Is the Best New Body-Positive Movement

Reminding us to love the view from above.

Perhaps inspired by relatability hero Chrissy Teigen, who bucked every supermodel social media trend when she posted a picture of her thighs in all their stretch-marked glory on Instagram, women everywhere are now posting photos of their thighs, unfiltered and proud, with the hashtag #ThighReading. (A much-needed alternative to the ever-harmful #ThighGap hashtag.) It began with Twitter user @princess_labia who posted the following picture and message, cheekily likening stretch marks to the lines on our hands as possible fortune-tellers.

Soon after, a movement began, with other users posting snaps of their own thighs—stretch marks, scars, freckles, and cellulite, et al— in candid fashion.

There's no denying that the internet can be a dark place when it comes to body positivity, but the overwhelmingly supportive response to this proud declaration of stretch marks, as well as the Love Your Lines campaign, is proof that it can be uplifting just the same. So here's to hoping that #ThighReading, and other raw, confidence-boosting pushes like it, continue to infiltrate our feeds.

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