This Bendable Mascara Will Give You Insanely Good Lashes

Get slinky with it.

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For too long we've been at the mercy of stiff, stick-straight mascara wands. But those days are over now that MAC has unveiled what's undeniably the most exciting innovation in mascara since, well, it's been a while…

The brand's new Pro Beyond Twisted Lash isn't your mama's ol' trusty tube—it has an ultra-slim, slinky-like wand that bends. It moves every which way, up to 90 degrees. The idea behind its flexibility is that you can finally reach every last lash at every angle...without getting your arms stuck in a pretzel in front of the mirror. 

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And it's not just the bendy bones of the wand that are impressive—its pipe-cleaner head (which also bends) boasts short, dense bristles that grip the lashes for length, curl, and a fanned-out effect with rich, non-clumpy pigment.

While adjusting the wand to your preferred shape may be an extra step, you can take comfort in the fact that it basically eliminates the need for a lash curler. Key for any and all commuter beauty enthusiasts 🙋. 

MAC's Pro Beyond Twisted Lash Mascara is available online and in stores for $22. 

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