The Unexpected-but-Crucial Beauty Product You *Need* to Be Packing in Your Beach Bag

You'll be prettier for it.

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Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of having two French hairstylists named Etienne and Rishi coax my thicket into a romantic up-do for a fancy party I was attending that night. They, on the other hand, had the distinct displeasure, I'm sure, of working with my Summer Weekend hair: disturbingly slick at the roots after some ill-advised co-washing, simultaneously hedge-like at the (colored) ends after a few consecutive days of sunning myself on rooftops and bar patios, and all-around grody, if I may.

Let's just say there was a lot of David Mallett Volume Powder dispensed that afternoon.

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After the cameras stopped rolling, one of them gave me a very specific set of instructions, which was perhaps a gentle way of telling me that my mid-lengths felt as if they'd been run through a dehydrator like so many apple slices. "Every time you're about to get in the pool," Etienne said not unkindly, "put some conditioner in."

I've not dipped a toe in une piscine for a month now, but I'm semi-flattered that my hair can be mistaken as the product of many laps swum and not just poor personal hygiene. Here's the rub: Even if you're more conscientious than me, you're still probably not pre-treating and protecting your hair against chlorine—you're still probably not chucking a bottle of Pantene in your beach bag alongside a pseudo-intellectual bestseller that will be thrown over for Hello! the minute the umbrella's open.

But you *should* be, because 1) my present could be your future, and 2) *my* future could be Slash but with a much less well-defined wave pattern. Prevention is key, people, so condition, condition, condition. Then, when you're done straddling swan inflatables, rinse off and apply even more. Don't be like me.

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1. Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Conditioner, $6,

2. Matrix Total Results Moisture Me Rich Conditioner, $12,

3. David Mallett Conditioner No.1: L'hydration, $50,

4. Five Wits Hydrating Conditioner, $36,

5. R+Co Sunset Blvd Blonde Conditioner, $28,

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