Paris Fashion Week Celebrates Scars in a Very Cool, Very Sparkly Way

Bedazzled lacerations—why didn't we think of that?

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(Image credit: Instagram)

The Saint Laurent show kicked off Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday in expectedly eye-catching fashion. (You've probably already seen pics on your Instagram feed of those crazy sparkly boots.) But what you might've missed? The Swarovski-encrusted (faux) scars that a few select models wore on their faces.

New York-based makeup artist Kanako Takase is the woman behind the look—here's a backstage peek she shared before the show:

The inch-long gashes were "stitched" shut with Swarovski crystals—a very pretty take on celebrating something we'd tend to cover up. And in a fashion season that's imbued with political messages about the power of women, this one's a great reminder that flaws aren't something to hide, they're something to highlight. Shine on.

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