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Surprise: Colored Mascara CAN Be Chic, and This Is How

It's lash-happy time.


Ready to ditch your signature carbon black and take the colored mascara plunge? Before you do, heed this warning: The most flattering technique is to coordinate with your eye color. Pro makeup artist Caitlin Wooters is laying out the must-have mixes.

Blue Eyes

"Blue eyes will pop against a moody burgundy shade."

RMK Matte Mascara, $36.90; beautybay.com.

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Brown Eyes

"A cobalt blue will provide a cool contrast and bring warmth to brown eyes."

Mia Bellezza Luxury Curling & Volume Intense Mascara in Cobalt Sea, $21.50; miaballezza.com.

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Green Eyes

"Purple is the opposite of green on the color wheel, thus making it the ultimate pop!"

NYX Purple Mascara $6.99; target.com.

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Grey Eyes

"The warmth of the pink will make the coolness of grey stand out."

Dior Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara, $26; sephora.com.

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Hazel Eyes

"A yellow will compliment the brown but still look soft with the green as they're close in color."

Butter London Cheerio Wink Mascara, $20; butterlondon.com.

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Amber Eyes

"Since they're both warm and in the red family, an orange shade suits amber eyes."

Aqua Color Orange Mascara, $10.95; kryolan.com.

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