The 22 Best Serums for Glowing Skin

Time for your glow-up.

(Image credit: Rosdiana Ciaravolo)

If cleansersmoisturizers, and sunscreen are the meat and potatoes of skincare, serums are the spices. They'll take your routine to a new level with ingredients and formulas that address your individual concerns, leaving you with perfect-looking, glowing skin. Whether you're looking to treat drynessdark spotsfine lines, or oiliness, there's a serum out there for you that will address all these issues and more. Plus, you can layer them on to create an ingredient cocktail so you'll never have a bad skin day again.

But selecting the right serum for you can be overwhelming. Which serum does what? How do I know what my skin needs? The options feel endless, but I'm here to take your hand and guide you through the options so you can find a nice pocket-sized solution to the biggest skin woes. You're not alone if the "serum" category in stores feels intimidating—you're talking to a girl who didn't realize that nighttime serums are truly for dreamland, and came home with a nice sunburn. From Vitamin C serums, AHA/BHA concoctions, and B12-filled bottles, I promise you'll find an option to suit your needs and price point.