The 17 Best Liquid Blushes for a Pretty Glow

Buildable pigment for days.

Models at Chromat Show with flushed faces
(Image credit: Getty Images-Sean Zanni Stringer)

When it comes to the best liquid blushes, I have a lot of opinions. Allow me to set the scene for you: A beauty writer (me), standing in front of her makeup organizer, glaring down at an open drawer with 76 kinds of blushes glaring up at her. I own almost 100 blushes in different forms, including: 25 powder blushes, 4 blush palettes, 36 liquid blushes, and 11 cream blushes, all in varying colors and gradients. It was then that I realized I may have a slight blush obsession, and also that I really need to upgrade my makeup organizer. With that scene being set, let’s shift focus to the reason you’re here: Of all the blushes that have been tested and explored by myself and other beauty editors, which ones are truly the best?

What's the difference between liquid blush and cream blush?

For 2022, liquid blush and cream blush are in high demand to keep up with the rise of natural beauty and skincare-first makeup that highlights glowy, dewy skin. My opinion: Liquid blush is superior to cream blush for those of us who want a more pigmented buildable look that won’t interfere with your dewy base. 

Alexis Gaskin is a Freelance Beauty Writer for Marie Claire who can often be found painting her nails to match every outfit. She covers beauty, skincare, and fat fashion and will get distracted by any and all Halsey-related content or anything glittery.