Angelina Jolie's Wedding Outfit: A Canvas for Her Kids' Drawings

Even her gown was a family affair.

angelina jolie wedding dress
(Image credit: Courtesy of PEOPLE Magazine)

angelina jolie wedding dress

(Image credit: Courtesy of PEOPLE Magazine)

You wouldn't let your kids scribble on your walls. So what about your bespoke Atelier Versace wedding outfit?

According to People Magazine, Angelina Jolie's gown and veil—for her hush-hush marriage to Brad Pitt—featured decoration a touch more personal than Lesage embroidery: her children's drawings.

Luigi Massi, master tailor at the Italian house, sewed "dozens" of Maddox and the gang's doodles into Jolie's silk dress and tulle head covering. The bride called collaborating with Massi, a family friend, "great fun."

Pitt's wedding ensemble also included a familial element: a suit from his closet and a tie lent to him by one of his sons when he forgot to pack one. Something old, something borrowed? Done and done.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of People Magazine

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