Prince Harry Is Being Cryptic About Inviting the Obamas to His Wedding

You know, because the British government is worried it would upset Trump if he did.

Prince Harry Obama
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Prince Harry is dodging the potential controversy of inviting the Obamas to his and Meghan Markle's wedding—at least for the time being.

If you need a refresher, reports surfaced last week that British officials were urging Harry not to extend an invitation to Barack and Michelle Obama out of fear that it would offend current POTUS Donald Trump, who is not expected to receive an invite.

When asked about the guest list during a recent BBC radio interview, Harry dodged the question, explaining he didn't want to "ruin that surprise." Well, played, Harry—but you will eventually have to make a decision.

Because Harry and Meghan's wedding isn't a state event, the guest list is being handled by Buckingham Palace, rather than Downing Street. It's possible Harry will invite Trump (or a representative) to the wedding to avoid causing offense, but being a sitting president isn't a guarantee of a royal wedding invitation (the Obamas weren't invited to Will and Kate's wedding in 2011—and that was a state event).