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Videos of Britney Spears Writhing Around in a Bikini Are Captivating the Internet

Nobody knows. 


Would you like to see a few videos of Britney Spears, wearing a tiny black bikini and gyrating in slow motion?  Why, sure, that would be lovely  said literally every single person on Earth. That's just what Britney delivered on Monday, albeit somewhat mysteriously.

Britney shared three insanely hot videos on Instagram. Are they for a new single/video? Is this a teaser to promote her return to her Vegas show? A commercial for bikinis? WHO CARES. This is amazing:

The videos are all set to "S.O.B." by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, in case you were wondering about the song. 

Last week, Britney made everyone on the Internet lose their damn minds when she posted a few rehearsal clips of the song  "Breathe on Me." The new videos provoked a similar response in the media and among her fans. 

"I need an inhaler," remarked one overwhelmed Instagram follower. 

"What exactly is happening in these videos?" asked another, a sentiment echoed by the multitude of "WTF" comments from overjoyed fans. 

No one really knows what all this is about, but one thing is for damn sure. Britney. Is. Flawless. 

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