Paul McCartney Calls Former Co-Worker Kanye West a "Monster"


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As we all know, Kanye West is just a humble, unassuming guy—and yet for some mysterious reason, Paul McCartney's experience working with him doesn't seem toquite match up.

You may remember that the Beatles legend teamed up with Kanye and Rihanna for the song FourFiveSeconds. And when McCartney spoke to the BBC Radio 4 Mastertapes series about what that experience was really like, the word he used to describe the 38-year-old rapper was "a monster." Yikes.

Okay, okay, he did predicate that adjective with: "I love Kanye," but isn't that a bit like saying "no offense," and then proceeding to tell your best friend that her outfit looks sh*t?

"People say he's eccentric, which you'd have to agree with, but he's a monster, yeah," McCartney said.

"He's a crazy guy that comes up with great stuff. He inspires me." 

Wait a second. Kanye West inspired a Beatle? (KANYE, ARE YOU HEARING THIS?!) I mean, I know he's the "greatest rockstar on the planet," but still...

And Kanye likes to have creative control, apparently. Sir Paul revealed that they recorded FourFiveSeconds, and then Kanye spent some time "working on it"...and then it came back sounding completely different.

Not that McCartney had an issue with that, mind you.

"You just work with him and you leave him for a little while and let it marinate and hope he gets back to you," he said.


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