Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Are in India Together—Reportedly to See Chopra's Family

They just landed in Mumbai.

Still not totally convinced that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are a thing? Welp, the duo just stepped out together in Mumbai looking like a full-blown couple. (Chopra wore a sweet but sexy gingham print A.L.C. crop top and skirt set.) According to India Today, the couple touched down in Mumbai Thursday evening, where it's rumored that Chopra is introducing Jonas to her brother.

And although they've been relatively quiet about their relationship in public, Chopra and Jonas were photographed out and about in Mumbai earlier today—holding hands and all (!!!).

Sure, meeting the family might sound like a bit of a stretch considering the two have only been linked since late May, but after Jonas brought Chopra as his date to his cousin's wedding earlier this month, it appears that these lovebirds are pulling a fast one on us (à la Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson).

While Chopra and Jonas have been actively flirting with each other on Instagram for the past month, the duo has yet to officially confirm their relationship. But at this rate, they'll skip the announcement and go straight to the wedding (maybe! Hopefully!).

Ruby Buddemeyer

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